“The Paradigm of Money” goes deep into the infrastructure of the global financial system and exposes corrupt policies, creating a path for money to be transferred from the middle class to the 1% (one percent). The 1% now hold more wealth than the entire middle class. This film has been referred to as “The Big Short” on steroids

Genre: Documentary
Runtime: 132 Minutes
Language: English

Literati Cinema & Harbinger Entertainment Present

“The Paradigm of Money”

Music By Erick Bolivar
Sound Design Daniel Lepervanche

Co-Produced by Brian Hamilton

Produced by Sean Stone and Peter Antico
Executive Producer Wes Christian

Editor Kristina Trirogoff
Written & Directed by Peter Antico

Featuring: Peter Antico, Dr. David Martin, Max Keiser, Nicolas Goudard, Bud Burrell, Grant Williams, James Rickards, Lloyd Chapman, Danielle DiMartino Booth, Nomi Prins, Rep Ron Paul, Mads Palsvig, Lyn Alden, Bill Murphy, Andrew Maguire, John Embry, Edward Siedle