Peter Antico




Peter Antico, hails from an astute Wall Street family background, (he has expertise in commodities trading) is an avid student of macro-economics, and has a deep understanding of the rapidly changing velocity of capital and its effects on the global marketplace. He has two passions, finance, and film. He attended California Lutheran University, UCLA’s Screenwriting program, and studied acting with Allan Rich (A Leap from the Method), and improvisation at The Groundling Theater.

Antico’s latest project is “The Paradigm of Money” The Big Short on steroids, The Paradigm of Money goes deep into the infrastructure of the global financial system & exposes corrupted policies, creating a path for money to be transferred from the middle class to the one percent.

Antico produced the Lionsgate /Netflix documentary released on November 19, 2019, Ronda Rousey Story – “Through my Fathers Eyes”, a story about former Olympic judo bronze medalist and current female MMA Strikeforce and former UFC champion, Ronda “Rowdy” Rousey. Antico and producing partner, Gary Stretch followed Rousey for 6 years from her career as an amateur when she was working three jobs to stay alive, showing up late or missing training sessions due to a lack of funds for gasoline to her current position as the first-ever women to be accepted into the UFC.

Peter Antico loves stories that celebrate the human condition. In the vein of “Shine & My Left Foot”, A War Within penned by Antico does just that. Inspired by Antico’s own personal journey of a man born with a neurological disorder, deals with the frustrations and challenges he faced as a child to the trials of breaking into show business as a professional stuntman while learning to relate to the love of his life through realizing that compassion and understanding must be given if one wishes to receive it. Actor/Director, Ron Yuan (Mulan, Disney, Step Up China, for Lionsgate), who was immediately taken by Antico’s script about a man’s struggle of acceptance and love will helm the film. Antico will produce.

Antico produced and is in a post on the documentary film, “FAITH”.  FAITH brings a never been seen before glimpse into the hearts and souls of the who’s who of fighters and other extraordinary beings, boundlessly digging into the psychological and spiritual aspect of these warriors who achieved greatness and often started out seeking the shelter of the streets and the ring, suffering from abuse, poverty, and crime with nothing but a dream. FAITH is believing in something and not having the data to know how you’re going to get there.

Antico and Jonathan Saw (son of famed bandleader Artie Shaw) created the docu-series, “One Sacred Planet,” The series brings to light the spirituality and science of the Earth’s ecosystem directly related to the Amazonian Rainforest’s atmospheric rivers in the sky providing life-giving global precipitation pathways to its healing plant medicines.

Antico also co-wrote produced and directed the rockumentary pilot presentation, “Role Models of Rock” starring Guns and Roses drummer, Matt Sorum.

Antico’s film credits as an actor include The Creators, opposite Gerard Depardieu, Bruce Payne & William Shatner, Oliver Stone’s Wall Street 2 in which he consulted lending his vast economic knowledge to Stone, portraying a hedge fund manager, The Other Guys with Will Ferrell & Mark Wahlberg, Black Dynamite, The Hunt for Red October, Con Air, Lethal Weapon III and Time Cop II.  Antico has had memorable roles in such films as 29th Street with Danny Aiello and Motorcycle Gang directed by John Milius (Apocalypse Now, Clear and Present Danger) which Antico also had the privilege of befriending as well as being mentored by the legendary writer/ director for the last 15 years.

Against great obstacles as Antico suffered from Tourette syndrome, he shined in collegiate athletics.  Pete excelled both as a baseball player and then as a pole-vaulter on the California Lutheran University track team. Fed up with the confinement of a classroom, Pete elected to explore the arts, a far distance from Wall St. Antico’s physicality later allowed him to be a great all-around stuntman doubling some of the industry’s biggest stars from Robert DeNiro and Al Pacino to Don Johnson and Sylvester Stallone. Antico won an action award in 1986 for best fight sequence in the film Tuff Turf and was nominated for “best fight in a feature film” at the Taurus World Stunt Awards for his work doubling Robert DeNiro in the film, “15 Minutes”. Through the action world, Antico was able to parlay his talents further as a Director/Writer/Producer/Actor.

Antico’s first producing and directing credits were award-winning shorts, A Little Tailors Christmas Story and Newton’s Law, ( a non-profit organization he co-founded with actor Allan Rich.  They produce short narrative films to enlighten young people on ethical and moral issues. Peter Antico has an eye for character-driven stories that make a difference in the quality of life for others.

“The media is a powerful tool and I intend to use it for the benefit of children and people less fortunate than me”.