Nicolas Goudard


Nicolas Goudard, globetrotter, martial arts, and extreme sports enthusiast, has been trading financial derivatives since his 1995 thesis on convertible bonds at ISFA. This institute is the oldest school of Actuaries in France. He has explored 150 countries, learning 8 languages and avidly collecting Amazonian, African, Himalayan, Inuit, Papuan and Aboriginal art on the way.

His first job in 1996-1997 was at legendary BNP Paribas Arbitrage, the pioneers of quant trading on electronic equity options.  Opening the desk in Milan in close collaboration with Italian market authority Consob left fantastic memories.

Personal ethics crashed with London’s greed for the rest of his short career. He quit the Italian coverage of the CSFB Stat Arb team in 1999 astounded at the trading tactics in force. The aces involved got disciplined and terminated two months later.

In 2003 he left the derivatives desk he had created for Fortis London when the size of its tax arbitrage ops became too ominous. Three years later he dramatically quit the hedge fund he had co-founded, denouncing a clear fiduciary breach from another managing partner. Unsurprisingly those two entities did not survive the great financial crisis. 

For the next 7 years, he traveled a full nomadic, adventurous lifestyle as an independent speculator. Memorable trading sessions in the African bush, the Arctic, and the Amazonian forest used radio signals for the internet. Snakebite in Australia, machete attack in Brazil, ambush in Mexico, and a taxi gunned down in Papua created a world guide to hospitals punctuated by a jail stint.

Nicolas left London in 2006 rather disgruntled by a city ripe with fraud and insider trading. His campaign against white-collar crime intensified after switching to US markets and probing that infamous incest with Washington DC.

For the last 8 years, Nicolas and his wife have explored 300 Greek islands on their boat while kitesurfing, spearfishing, and homeschooling their two daughters. Winters are spent in Hawaii, Bali, and South Africa.

Trading became increasingly awkward over that period amid intense rigging of volatility and futures markets by Fed POMO and the resulting Pavlovian FOMO, TINA, and YOLO postures dumbing investing down to its very core. 

Fighting the Fed made Nicolas a market Don Quixote now tempted by a podcast or a talk show as an endeavor to a more reasonable and more social enterprise.


90-95 classes pr├ęparatoires and grande ├ęcole ISFA – Actuarial Sciences in France

1995-96 research and doctorate thesis on complex bonds/convertible bonds pricing 

1996-98 opened electronic trading of Italian stock/ index options for BNP Paribas Arbitrage 

1998-99 covered CSFB for Italian index arb operations for 

1999-01 around the world while seeding Scandinavian high tech  startups 

2001-03 headed London derivatives trading for Fortis bank 

2003-05 co-founder and partner of ABC Square hedge fund

since 2006 independent speculator spoos, oil, stoxx50 future