Michelle Jubilee Gonzalez


An agile athlete, intuitive artist, canny businesswoman, and intrinsically balanced left-brain/right-brain problem-solving producer, Michelle Jubilee Gonzalez is a bright light rising in the entertainment industries. Armed with formal training in business, the performing arts, and along with steadily acquired professional credits, Michelle has developed a strong grasp of the type of caliber, communication, and effectiveness needed both in front and behind the camera.

She has worked side-by-side with Academy Award Winner Tony Adler (American Beauty), director of photography Jon Philion (The Avengers 2010, True Blood, Fast & Furious), and the iconic Robert Rodriguez amongst many others. Michelle’s passion for movie-making has taken her through numerous years of work in multiple departments from stunts and acting, to post-production, soundtracks, ADR, and financing. By working in multiple departments and producing several shorts and music videos, Michelle has acquired a deep understanding of the creative, logistical, and financial aspects required to “get the shot” at a high production value and within the budget. She currently has several films and TV pilots on her slate and in various stages of development.

In her free time, Michelle is an incessant student who is constantly seeking more knowledge – studying languages (Arabic, Italian, and French), taking workshops to develop new skills, and continuously learning new things with a discipline to keep her brain flexible. Using her platform of the entertainment industry, she works to champion peace, diversity, and equality. Her personal mode of operation across the board is the Latin phrase Aut inveniam viam aut faciam (“I shall either find a way or make one”).