Mads Palsvig


Real-Life Work Experience:

Talented and dedicated fixed income, foreign exchange, and derivatives trader offering over 28 years of experience coupled with a fluent understanding of corporate financial markets and demonstrated track record of handling risk managing complex portfolios of trades. Excellent business acumen focused on delivering high risk-adjusted returns.

The best performance to date has been a 1-year return of $93M due to a combination of 3 trading strategies contributing with non-correlated trades; the maximum drawdown that year from an intra-year profit and loss peak was only $7M. Adept at assessing organizational goals, developing trading styles,s and implementing distinct strategies to ensure an optimal generation of revenue. Good decision-maker, skilled in inspiring co-workers and building strong working relationships with various colleagues in individual and team settings.

Skilled communicator, fluent in English, Danish, and Swedish with basic knowledge of German, French, and Russian. Proficient in deftly explaining complex technical terms to a wide range of clientele. Possesses a comprehensive understanding of industry norms and regulations.