Bud Burrell



CURRICULUM VITAE, 1987 to Present, Consultancy by Specialization

Information Sciences

  • Wrote the Business Plan for a Conservative Cable Channel.
  • Introduced Wireless Entertainment Systems to the CEO of National Wireless Holdings.
  • Recommended a merchant banking transaction for Neuron Data, developer of Nextpert Object, the first full function expert system application development environment.             
  • Worked on several multi-media projects, including concepts for fractal compression/ decompression technologies and state -of-the-art MPEG I and II standard broadcast and multi-channel systems.
  • Assisted Mesa Software, an accounting software vendor, in the development of its business plan.
  • Performed due diligence on the Neural Net Technology of Roosevelt University’s NeuroSciences Department. Assisted in the development of a commercialization plan and a commercial markets strategy for this unit’s work.
  • Acted as an advisor to YARC Computers, a parallel PC supercomputer development company.  This company worked with Scientific Computing Associates’ LINDA operating system.
  • Provided strategic planning input to two major supercomputer companies for the development of their respective commercial markets strategies.
  • Provided broad assistance to Prophesy Development Corporation, leading to sales of its CONTESSA expert system application development tool kit to a number of major companies and government agencies, and to corporate strategic partnerships with a number of financial users, including Chicago Corp., and O’Connor and Associates.
  • Designed information utility architectures for two major stock exchanges.
  • Worked with the SRI International Group in their associates program.
  • Assisted The Education Utility in the development of its corporate plans, including work with SRI Int’l.
  • Introduced SUN Microsystems to the Indian marketplace. 
  • Introduced APOLLO to WICAT Systems, the leading developer of K thru 12 educational software, resulting in a strategic partnership for corporate training products.
  • Recommended APOLLO bundle WOLFRAM SOFTWARE’S MATHEMATICA product, leading to a corporate strategic partnership between the two companies.
  • Recommended acquisition of APOLLO COMPUTERS to Apple Computers, The Perot Group, and Tandem Computers.
  • Acted as a board member of Codercard, Inc., a public company involved in the development of LEAD (low cost encryption and authentication) devices for NSA.  Introduced this company to the London Stock Exchange
  • As a founder, assisted in the development of VISITEK, INC., the technical precursor of all vision telephones.
  • Prepared the business plan for HOLOCAD SYSTEMS, INC., the first application of holography to CAD.

Health Care

  • Worked on a number of nutriceutical projects, including the first design of a supplement for increasing ATP at the intra-cellular level.
  • Provided investment banking introductions to the developer of an oral form of a German-developed adjunct cancer therapy for reducing cachexia, leading to two IPO commitments.
  • Co-founded Legere Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a company focused on the development and commercialization of lectin-based pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and dermaceuticals.  Acted as an original Director, Treasurer, and CFO.
  • Recommended purchase of equity in 4Health to a client and investor, resulting in a gain of over $100 Million on a $1 Million investment in less than two years.
  • As agent, raised three rounds of financing commitments totaling over $20 Million in less than thirteen months for a new feminine hygiene product company, with involvements in related concepts for time release drug delivery and contraception based on novel concepts.
  • Developed a full business plan for a Medical Accounts Receivable Factoring Company, which was presented to a number of major investment units both nationally and internationally.
  • Provided assistance and introductions to Mensana Diagnostics, Inc., the developer of tests and systems for management of pain-related claims for insurance companies.  This company received investment from Anthem Ventures.
  • Prepared marketing and due diligence materials for Venkol Ventures, Inc., a medical technology/bio-tech venture fund.


Industrial Technologies

  • Acted as an advisor and director to Coalplex, Inc., and Rotary Collider Technology, LLC., with a focus on the companies’ intellectual property, licenses, contracts, and manufacturing relationships.  The principal efforts of the companies utilized my efforts to develop and commercialize a revolutionary complex-materials reduction device/mill, to include development of a coherent intellectual property strategy for the company.
  • Assisted in the development of the executive summary and business plan for a proposed roll-up of liquid propane gas equipment companies providing equipment, trucks, and parts to LPG distributors throughout the Southwest and Mexico.
  • Acted as an advisor to SOLVEX, INC., the developer of a revolutionary technology for extraction of bitumen and oil from tar sands.
  • Acted as an advisor and agent to RKK Cryocell, a toxic waste containment and remediation technology based on Nobel Prize winning cryogenic freezing concepts.
  • Acted as an advisor and analyst for several Canadian mining companies focused on development of Venezuelan gold mining opportunities.  Prepared a report, which was subsequently provided to American Barrick on the Venezuelan situation.
  • Prepared private placement and offering documents for the sale of interests in the Mesa Grande Resources development projects of the North Lindreth formations in Northern New Mexico, for natural gas development and production.
  • Acted as the Merger and Acquisition Advisor to Kelvin Energy in its proposed takeover of NALCAP, INC., owner of the Wabash Iron Mine Trusts.
  • Acted as an advisor to EAS Technologies, a public article surveillance company, introducing them to SRI International as a corporate strategic partner, resulting in SRI taking options in a client for the first time in their history.
  • Acted as an advisor to the founder of DYNECOLOGY, INC., a company focused on bio-mass conversion and toxic waste remediation through coal gasification.  Advised the company on its project to produce medium BTU coal gas through the burning of briquettes composed of eastern caking coal and combinations of municipal solid waste, de-watered sewage sludge, and toxic waste including PCB’s, in a proprietary high temperature coal gasifier.  This gasifier design was subsequently selected by British Oxygen for its own use.

Financial, Real Estate, and General

  • Acted as a general strategic consultant on several major aquaculture transactions, including projects for catfish, talapia, and sturgeon.
  • Acted as a strategic consultant to several Casino projects in the U. S. and Canada.
  • Advised the Chief Financial Officer, The Dwyer Group, on a roll-up of several privately controlled entities into a controlled public company, Mr. Rooter.
  • Advised on the business plan for the development of a Mega-Used Car Dealer concept pre-dating URCARCO, CARMAX, and AUTO NATION. This dealer concept included then revolutionary warranty and buyer financing structures.
  • Worked with the founder of a Professional Mediation Service Company in Texas.  As part of this work, undertook and completed training to become a court appointed mediator in Texas.
  • Performed analysis of several restaurant concepts, including recommendation of Amsterdam’s in New York City to Restaurant Associates.  Also analyzed Chicken Quick of Las Vegas, and La Salsa in Los Angeles for franchise sales, and corporate expansion and finance.  Recommended Mision Rogelio to a major New York merchant bank.
  • Worked with a number of projects in India, under the sponsorship of SRI’s International Associate Program. This work included a series of technology transfer situations, with a particular focus on information sciences and sustainable internal development.
  • Recommended the acquisition of United Exposition Services to Euromoney Publishing.
  • Wrote the plan for and acted as a founding director and CFO for a Third Market Trading Company.
  • Wrote the business plan and executive summary for the Mitchum, Jones, and Templeton financial trading information system for the institutional trading market.
  • Brought ALGORITHIMICS, INC., the leading developer of software for the creation and support of synthetic fixed income and equity securities and derivatives portfolios and their management to an early stage investor.
  • Assisted the principal in the development of a plan for a golf course community for the Puerto del Carmen area of the island of Lanzarote in the Canary Islands.

Work History

1985-1987 – President and Founder, The Quantum Matrix Corp. (A wholly-owned subsidiary of Shearson-Lehman Bros.  Founded Quantum to act as a pension fund and management consultant for the analysis of global, international, hedged, derivative, and risk-adjusted money managers.  Additionally acted as an internal research and development unit for product development as follows:

  • Designed the model for the Shearson Global Equity Return Indices (modified model selected by Wall Street Journal as the Dow Jones Global/International Indices).
  • Proposed, designed and consulted on the construction of the first intelligent (AI Expert) system at Shearson, with funding from the American Express Technology Superfund.  This was the first application of this technology for a line function, a system for mortgage-backed securities settlement, clearance, and non-linear optimal allocation.
  • Consulted on the development of an intelligent personal financial planning system for Shearson retail.
  • Proposed and wrote a plan for the complete integration of all financial information services under a generic marketing company.
  • Provided strategic and marketing planning assistance to several Shearson departments including Capital Markets, Retail, Public Finance, Systems, and Institutional Equity Services.
  • Built a database and analytical tools for analysis of specialty and hedged money manager performance.
  • Designed a Manager of Manager mutual fund series based on proprietary performance analysis.
  • Analyzed bond and currency options and futures strategies for arbitrage and risk management, including the analysis of hedging currency risk within a set of global equity and bond return indices.

1983-1985 – President and Founder, Spectrum Holdings, Inc., New York.  Organized Spectrum to serve as a generalist deal-making and consulting activity.  Provided broad consulting services to the financial, real estate, and technical communities.  Developed a concept for specialty money manager analysis consulting for the pension and money manager communities.  Worked with artificial intelligence technologies in several areas including design of expert systems for equity trading, for strategic marketing planning, and for knowledge engineering.

1980-1983 – Vice President and Sales Manager, Institutional Equity Options and Futures Department, Dean Witter, New York.  Was responsible for all new business development and operational controls for the institutional equity derivative product area.  Placed special focus on Clearing Member Trading Agreements. Made the single largest placement of pension fund assets with money managers in derivative industry history to that date, a total of $400 Million to four managers.  Provided pricing analysis on the first oil and gas production and reserves insurance policy for Lloyd’s of London.

1979-1980 – Vice President, Trader/Salesman, Institutional Options Department, First Boston Corporation, New York.  Covered national and international institutional accounts and acted as the back-up principal trader for the facilitation accounts.  Created and traded synthetic securities for clients.  Opened the Industry’s first major international U. S. options accounts.  Did due diligence for the Valeurs White Weld Gold Option to include the analysis of the structure and pricing of the product and preparation of all compliance, marketing, and account disclosure materials.  Acted as the U. S coordinator for and salesman of the firm’s London-based technical analyst

1978-1979 – Trader-Salesman, Institutional Equity Options Department, E. F. Hutton and Company, New York.  Covered national institutional equity options accounts, trading own facilitation positions.  Specialized in cash and convertible arbitrage strategies, along with leveraged options hedging.

1976-1978 – Vice President, National Sales Manager, Institutional Options Department, White, Weld and Company, New York.  As department co-founder, was responsible for all outside marketing, customer contact, and business development.  Developed and implemented a business plan for the marketing and sales of equity and options trading and execution services which resulted in the opening of more than 200 institutional accounts.  Came to this position from the Atlanta Institutional Sales-Trader position.  In this earlier position, serviced eleven states at the equity sales trading level.  Sold trading and execution services, technical analysis products, and options trading and portfolio strategies.

1975-1976 – Institutional Municipal Bond Salesman, Kidder, Peabody and Company, Atlanta, Georgia.

1974- l975 – Business Systems Sales, UARCO, Inc., Atlanta, Georgia.

1973-1974 – Institutional Sales Trader and Administrator, Bache and Company, New York.  In addition to trading responsibilities, was responsible for all administration for four departments of Bache Capital Markets, including Block Trading, Over-the Counter Trading, Options, and Corporate Bonds.


1968-1973 – United States Army Finance Corps, Captain.

Attended the U. S. Army Finance School Basic and Governmental Accounting Courses.  Then assigned as finance officer in the Accounting Policy and Procedures Department, First Army Headquarters.  While there, was assigned as the Project Officer for the Army’s Stock Mechanized Line Item Accounting System. 

From there was assigned to Vietnam, first acting as CIDG Funds Officer and I Corps Comptroller, C Company, 5th Special Forces Group.  From there, I was reassigned to become Deputy Finance and Accounting Officer and Cash Control Officer, 5th Special Forces Group.  In this position, I wrote and implemented the new regulation for financial administration for the Civilian Irregular Defense Group (CIDG), including a system for cash control I developed. 

From Vietnam, was selected for the Finance Officer Advanced Course, six years out of the zone, graduating in 1971.   On graduation, was assigned to the Lexington-Bluegrass Army Depot as the Finance and Accounting Officer. Responsibilities included accounting policy and procedures, regulatory reporting, inventory control, general ledgers, disbursement and cash control, procurement coordination, cost accounting (both job and process), finance, and management information systems.  In this position, supervised through branch and section chiefs more than seventy personnel performing all finance, accounting, pay, and disbursing functions for a 4500 employee DOD Industrial installation.  While there, helped to implement the first standard Profit and Loss accounting system in the Government’s DOD Industrial System.  This system became the “Army Industrial Fund” still in use. Awarded Bronze Star, Air Medal, and Army Commendation Medal with 1st Oak Leaf Cluster.  80% Service-Connected Disability.


  • 1971-1976 – Graduate Business Studies, University of Kentucky, and Georgia State University.
  • 1964-1968 – B. S., General Engineering, U. S. Military Academy, West Point, New York.

DIRECTORSHIPS— l983 to current.