Andrew Maguire


Andrew Maguire has 50 years of experience working in the precious metals industry as an independent Loco London metals trader and analyst, where he provides Precious Metals Advisory and Trading services for international hedge fund managers, bullion banks, directors, metal traders, and many of the largest global institutions. Andrew has built strong relationships with US and UK regulatory bodies, having worked as an advisor for the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, (CFTC) and the Department of Justice, (DOJ).

In the UK, Andrew is currently providing advisory services to the UK and the Financial Conduct Authority, (FCA). Andrew’s specialist knowledge of trading in financial and commodity markets equips him with a unique ability to read the precious metals market. As an internationally renowned precious metals expert, Andrews features regularly on popular online precious metals publications as well as many international film documentaries to provide industry insight and bring market manipulation to the attention of the world’s media.

Andrew is a Director of